Essential Information for Public Awareness (New Informational Handout, Released October 2021)

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GKFF Construction Bridge Contract and Other Legal Documents

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2015 HNTB Engineering Documents

May 2015 “Preliminary Inspection Findings” (includes “Necessary Repairs” chart discussed in this article)***

***Note that this document includes some case studies beginning on page 11 (such as for the Pulaski Skyway Bridge) and that the actual dollar figures for the Midland Valley Bridge begin on page 45.

Especially note the important specific info in the “Necessary Repairs” chart on page 46 and on the left side of page 45. This shows various specific repair cost estimates for the original bridge (single-deck)…

Note all the specific necessary repair costs listed, most of which are in the thousands.

Note that the highest such item listed involves the piers; the pier dollar figure given is under 2 million (and it is just over 3 million when coupled with repairing the bearings in the July report). Also: It needs to be considered that pier replacement may not actually have been necessary without the hypothetical second deck going in on top.

Yes, there are some cost uncertainties listed in this document; one example involves how much various targeted demolition costs would be—but that estimate is covered by the July document (“Mobilization, Site Prep, and Demolition”), as discussed here. The May and July documents, taken together and examined closely, answer more questions than either can on its own.

It is worth repeating—and not good for the City’s story (if we can call it that)—that HNTB’s working total for the necessary repairs in this May document adds up to under 7 million.

July 2015 “Rehabilitation Concept Report” (unhighlighted version)***

***Highlighted version is available for download on this page with the 2020 “Report Finds Bridge is Restorable” article, which includes notes by the local engineer who also made the highlights.

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